Coding: 4 Books in 1: Machine Learning for Beginners + Python for Beginners + Linux for Beginners + Kali Linux


Price: AED 145.24
(as of Jun 13,2020 08:34:00 UTC – Details)


Are you a newcomer to computer coding?
Do you want to learn different computer languages, or about open source searching?
Maybe you want to dig deeper into what computers will offer in years to come and if that’s the case then this incredible book bundle is exactly what you need!

Millions of us now own computers. For most they are a useful tool to surf the net, while others use them for fun or for business purposes. The fact is, however, that most of us do not get true value from our computers as we do not understand programming, coding and other really useful applications that computers offer.

This book bundle, Coding, changes all of that and gives you 4 exciting books in 1: Machine Learning for Begiiners, Python for Beginners, Linux for beginners and Kali Linux, where you can learn all about:

  • Machine learning and how it has evolved
  • Different types of machine learning
  • Where machine learning will go in the future
  • An introduction to Python
  • The basic functions of it
  • The benefits of Linux
  • Basics of Kali Linux
  • How to use it effectively
  • And lots more…

Perfect for beginners who are struggling to keep up with the fast pace that this sort of tecnology offers, Coding provides a solid platform for anyone who wants to know more.

Get a copy now and build up your knowledge of the innovations that are available to you!

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