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‘I have full trust in government decisions and I adhere to the rules issued by the UAE authorities.’

Parents in the Capital have welcomed the government’s decision to allow children under 12 to visit shopping malls, stressing that it will help them become more active after staying home for many months.

The UAE authorities on Wednesday announced that children under 12 can now visit malls, shopping centres, retail outlets and restaurants across the country.

The Abu Dhabi Media Office on Thursday, however, specified that children aged 2 to 12 must wear masks and adhere to precautionary measures at all times. They also said that masks were not recommended for children under the age of two.

Cleopatra Nanyonjo, a Ugandan travel consultant and mother of two kids – both below seven, said it’s good to allow kids move out again because it helps them to be more active.

“It is important for kids to move outside the house. We just need to educate them more on how to handle themselves while in shopping centres and knowing the limits so that we can protect them from the possible risks of contracting the virus,” said Nanyonjo.

“As parents, we should be more careful because we know well that our kids’ immune system is weak. Everyone should ensure that they adhere to the necessary preventive and protective measures in place for the health of our children. We have to be responsible.”

Indian mother Asiya Rafiq said though the government has allowed everyone to visit shopping centres, parents must always keep in mind that the virus still exists.

“I have full trust in government decisions and I adhere to the rules issued by the UAE authorities. As a mother, I will have to be extra careful when going out with my small son,” she said, adding that parents should be keen on their kids keeping the recommended social distance and wearing face masks.

“We must not forget that even if the shopping malls are now open for children under 12, the virus is still existing,” said Rafiq.

Egyptian expat Khalid Ali said he and his wife had been reluctant to go to shopping malls, leaving their two children aged four and seven behind.

“I think allowing children to visit shopping centres is a great idea as they have stayed at home for more than three months,” said Ali.

“On many occasions, we had to cancel our plans of going to malls or supermarkets because we didn’t want to leave our kids alone at home.”

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