How to get Bull Shark Testosterone in GTA 5

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  • GTA: Online sees the return of a fan-favorite character, and he brings a great in-game product for you.
  • The Bull Shark Testosterone gives the player character a strength, stamina, and reflex boost for 60 seconds.


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Brucie in GTA: Online
Brucie in GTA: Online

One of the key reasons that the GTA franchise is so popular and critically acclaimed is its brilliant satire of modern-day trends and pop culture.

No trend or fixture of modern society gets a pass in GTA V especially, with Rockstar Games having a joke at the expense of everyone from hipsters to gym freaks.

Rockstar Games doesn’t just accomplish this use of satire by using in-game story, cut-scenes or dialogue but the commentary in the game’s in-game internet as well.

The GTA V internet that can be accessed through the browser of the in-game phone, and is simply one of the funniest and brilliant parts of the game.

Players, much like real life, can choose to spend countless hours just browsing the Internet in GTA V. It is packed to the brim with content that is hilarious and pokes fun at various subcultures and trends, including the gym ‘roid freaks.

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How To Get Bull Shark Testosterone in GTA 5

Bull Shark Testosterone Website in GTA 5
Bull Shark Testosterone Website in GTA 5

Bull Shark Testosterone is a product available for use in GTA: Online developed and sold by Brucie Kibbutz, a character who first appeared in GTA IV.

Brucie is a frequent steroid user and, as a result of excessive use over the years, has suffered long term effects and ‘roid rages very often.

The use of Bull Shark Testosterone will give the player a strength, stamina, and reflex boost that lasts for 60 seconds. Its use does not have long term effects on the player character as it has on Brucie.

You can get the product in GTA: Online by calling Brucie from the Phone and have him deliver the product to you. This will cost you $500, and you must be of at least Rank 17 in order to use this feature.

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Published 14 Jun 2020, 12:23 IST

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