Kane recalls the time The Undertaker collapsed backstage in 1998

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  • The Undertaker has shown us that he is one tough Superstar.
  • The Undertaker and Kane share a rich history in the WWE.


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The Brothers Of Destruction
The Brothers Of Destruction

Kane and The Undertaker have had a heated rivalry in the WWE. The two have made one of the most formidable tag teams in the promotion and have also pushed each other to the limit. Kane and The Undertaker have gone toe-to-toe against each other at WrestleMania twice. The Undertaker walked away with the victory on both occasions. The two have played a critical role in elevating WWE’s status to its level today.

Kane recalls The Undertaker collapsing backstage

Kane was in an interview with Sports Illustrated. In the interview, Kane looked back at his time in the WWE. He spoke about his time pairing with The Undertaker, WWE’s initial name for him and many backstage stories.

Kane remembered the time The Undertaker wrestled through the pain in many matches. But after one match, he remembers The Phenom collapsing but getting right back up.

“I remember a night when we were backstage in Chicago. This is back when Austin was champion, and me and Undertaker, we beat him at the same time to become co-champions [at In Your House in September of 1998]. That blew up, so at the next month’s pay per view, it was Kane vs. The Undertaker, with Austin as the special guest referee.

I remember Mark’s hips and back were really bothering him. After the match, I saw him collapse on the stairs and get right back up. You would have never known he was in so much pain during the match. Another night in Houston, Texas, which is Mark’s hometown, and he had some of his family there. We’re having a match and he’d broken his ankle a few days before at TV. I don’t think we knew his ankle was broken at this point, and we’re trying to have this match but he can barely move, so I’m trying to move around him. Despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain, he tried to get me as over as he possibly could.”

Kane is now away from his wrestling days, performing his duty as the Mayor of Knox County. The Big Red Monster, however, makes sporadic appearances and has also won the 24/7 Championship after becoming Mayor.

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