Lunar eclipse in UAE skies this weekend – News

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A solar eclipse is also expected later in June.

UAE skies is set to witness two celestial events in June – a solar and lunar eclipse.

The Arabian Peninsula, including UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries will witness the second lunar eclipse – of the four expected this year – on June 5 (Friday).

According to Al Arabiya website, the head of Jeddah Astronomy Society Majed Abu Zahra said that the eclipse will occur at the same time in all regions, when the moon starts entering the area of the earth’s shadow at 9.45pm UAE time (5:45pm GMT).

He explained that no change will be observed and the moon will look the same with the moment of complete full moon at 11.12pm UAE time (7:12pm GMT). The size of the moon will appear larger by 3.3 per cent, before the end of the eclipse at 1.04am UAE time (9:04pm GMT).

He added that two weeks after the lunar eclipse of the moon, a solar eclipse will occur on the morning of June 21 in UAE skies among other Gulf countries.

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