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The entire area was thoroughly scanned till the tourist was found.

The Ras Al Khaimah Police have rescued a foreign tourist who got lost atop the mountains of Ghalila Valley.

Group Commander Saeed Al Yamahi, head of the Air Wing Section, said the tourist was exhausted while trekking the mountains. The central operations room of the police dispatched a rescue chopper when alerted about the tourist.

“The entire area was thoroughly scanned till the tourist was found,” said Al Yamahi, adding that first aid was provided to him on the spot, before shifting him to the nearest hospital.

He warned that all trekkers and climbers should learn the basics of rock climbing on an indoor wall first before venturing out to the mountains.

“Climbers ought to inform the authorities about their activities, whereabouts and number of climbers, and consult climbing websites to get up-to-date information on local sites.”

Trekkers are also advised to bring a means of communication, such as a mobile or satellite phone, he said. “A whistle could also be useful to attract attention.”

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