Transmissions and Drivetrain Design


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The aim of this work, consisting of 9 individual, self-contained booklets, is to describe commercial vehicle technology in a way that is clear, concise and illustrative. Compact and easy to understand, it provides an overview of the technology that goes into modern commercial vehicles. Starting from the customer’s fundamental requirements, the characteristics and systems that define the design of the vehicles are presented knowledgeably in a series of articles, each of which can be read and studied on their own. This volume, Transmissions and Drivetrain Design, begins with an explanation of how driving resistance and the engine characteristics factor into the configuration of the transmission and transmission ratios. The transmission and its associated assemblies are presented in detail, providing a clear understanding for training and practical applications. Other components of the drivetrain such as the propeller shaft, the clutch and the retarder are also discussed.

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