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Abu Dhabi Police warns of risks posed by bad tyres to safety of road users.

As part of its ‘Safe Traffic Summer Campaign’, Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, urged drivers to urgently check the tyres of their vehicles to ensure they are safe and undamaged, to avoid accidents during summer resulting from high temperatures.

Lt. Colonel Mohammed Salem Al Shehhi, Chief of the Traffic Control Section at the ADP Traffic and Patrols Directorate, urged drivers to use tyres that comply with specifications.

He also pointed out that the key reasons for accidents during summer include the use of old tyres, too much or too little air pressure, being overloaded and frequent use, stressing that traffic is being monitored and the law will be applied against violators, under the framework of the strategic priority to make roads safer.

The force even posted a video of tragic accidents that took place due to poor tyres.

Al Shehhi noted that the ADP is proactively launching the campaign on social media and other media outlets to promote traffic safety and prevent accidents.

Motorists caught driving with damaged or worn-out tyres will face a Dh500 fine, along with four black points and the vehicle will be impounded for one week, authorities have warned.

“Motorists should check the condition of tyres, before embarking on long journeys or driving on highways,” said Al Shehhi.

He noted that the most common causes of road accidents during the summer are tyre bursts. The crashes mostly occur due to bad tyres, overloaded lorries and frequent use long journeys taking a toll on tyres.

Police reports have always shown that tyres unfit for use on the roads are the prime cause of car overturning.

Police added that tyre bursts last summer caused three deaths while injuring two.

The force has also urged motorists to get their cars thorougly checked before setting out for long journeys.

Drivers of light and heavy vehicles have also been reminded to abide by the traffic rules and regulations during this hot weather and to drive within the acceptable speed limits on both internal and external roads in the emirate for their safety and the safety of others.

Abu Dhabi Police said that they are carrying out an awareness campaign tittled: ‘Safe Summer Traffic’ Campaign,  through their social media platforms and various media outlets to enhance traffic safety and prevent tyre-related accidents this summer.

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