Video: UAE vlogger takes down video claiming wearing cloth mask carries Dh500 fine

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Emirati Vlogger PJA claimed that cloth masks would attract fines of Dh500
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Dubai: An Emirati vlogger who goes by the name Prince Jack Abood (PJA) on social media has taken down a video he created claiming people wearing a cloth face mask were meted a Dh500 fine by the police.

The video was posted on Monday and shared widely among Filipino and Indian expat communities.

In the video, PJA he claimed wearing a clothe face mask in public carries a Dh500 fine. It is also not safe and will not give protection to the wearer, unlike surgical face masks.

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Vlogger PJA posted an apology on his page soon after the video was published
Image Credit: Supplied

A few hours after posting the video, however, PJA said he received a lot of bashers and he was advised by authorities to take down the video.

He also posted an apology on his social media. Here is his unedited post: “In behalf of the team PJA we had a fake news spreading and messaging us that they are having fine of 500aed by wearing clothmask and PJA took this seriously for he cares alot of the people maybe it will happen to each of you.. Please accept our forgiveness for those who where messaging me for the post. i already deleted it. Hopefully that you will still support my journey take care always I’m always here to support you guys and Godbless all of you.”

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